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Dan and Denise King/ Boston. MA


Wow!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We could never have explored Ecuador this thoroughly on our own.  Sarah, Jonathan and Suzie made the journey so comfortable it was like traveling with good friends.  Each brought their own personal styles and strengths, which blended beautifully to create a perfect introduction to the country, its rich history, diverse culture, climate and wonderful people.  This experience gave us all the tools we needed to make an informed decision about expatriating from the US and assimilating seamlessly into Ecuadorian culture.  We feel like we've made good friends for life. 


Jeff Lee


If anyone is interested in learning about and experiencing Ecuador before making any decision, he or she should try out this 10-day Ecuador Crash Course. This trip will provide him or her with rich history of Ecuador, her diverse cultures, both coastal and highland flavors and objective perspectives on pros and cons of all options. Moreover, he or she would highly appreciate the genuine caring spirit of Sarah and her team members throughout the trip. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Ecuador without any reservation."


Frank Herndon/ Charlotte North Carolina


My wife Naomi and I took the Ecuador Crash Course tour in August 2013.  The tour was everything we had hoped for and more!  Our purpose was to get an overview of the country, the people, and the flavor of Ecuador so that we could make an informed decision as to whether we wished to retire to this beautiful country and if so, what area we would consider as a new home.  By taking this tour we accomplished this goal and received a couple of very valuable bonuses.We made some wonderful new friends and potentially useful contacts...and we had a ball! Our tour guides, Sarah, Jonathan, and Susanna, were informative, helpful, caring people who took excellent care of us.  We felt like we were given a relatively unbiased (unbiased for folks who very obviously love the country and it's people) view of living in Ecuador.  We also felt safe at all times and that was important...we are not experienced international travelers. We highly recommend this tour for anyone considering moving to Ecuador or just wanting to get a well rounded view of the country.  In monetary terms, we think it is a bargain!


Larry and Sharon McGrath / Orlando, Florida, USA


To Ecuador Expat Journeys, I want to thank all the new friends and people I have met in Ecuador. You truly have a remarkable country. From the names I know to the people I met on the street you have left a memory i will always remember.  Everyone I met had a smile on their face and is so proud of their country. Thank you Crash Course Expat Journey for teaching me about your country.


Oral Kenzie


I have just completed a 12 day tour of Ecuador with .   This is an exceptional way to discover Ecuador.  I have seen almost all of the country with this tour, from the highlands to the coastal regions and all areas in between. Ecuador may just be the most beautiful and diverse country on Earth!


What really stands out with this tour group is as follows:


1. They have terrific guest speakers, which cover a whole range of topics on Ecuador, for someone wondering if Ecuador is the right place for them to retire, or someone who wants to visit a country and find out about its culture.  The most important topic for me was the explanation of the culture differences between the people of Ecuador (and for that matter ALL Latin America and Mexico) compared with the similar cultures of Canada and the USA.


2. In each area that they show you, they have local expats who live in that area explain the area, and how they have adapted.  They will tell you the good and the bad as they see it, which is REALLY IMPORTANT.  You also will have lots of time to ask any questions you want of them on any subject.


3. They will help you understand local customs and highlight things that you would never get on a ordinary tour.


4. They assist you to learn Basic Spanish, teach you how to buy at the market, take a bus and many other things that you would have to do if you lived here.


5. They look after any medical needs as they arise, if they arise (Sarah is a nurse).


6. Basically you can ask any question and they will have an answer, or will get you the answer.


Even though they are not associated with any Real Estate firms, (they are not in the business to push real estate) if you want information on real estate they will get that for you as well.

Phyl Doppelt


How can one thank you for such an amazing tour - for me it was effortless, well, nearly effortless. On a few mornings  I had to get up early to catch the bus !!  You took care of every little detail, making it a seamless experience, smooth from beginning to end.  Sarah, Jonathan, Roger and Suzie, each one of you are special people who gave us your all. My travels are defined by my tour guides and the people I meet along the way,  and you are up at the top of my list.


I am so pleased there was a need from people in the US wanting to go on this sort of tour because it is not offered by any other tour company, in any other country.  I NEVER do tours, but I  NEVER could have organized this tour for myself, covering the places we visited or meeting the people we met.  The information you gave was generous, ongoing and thought provoking.  The diversity of the climate and scenery was breathtaking and you showed us what beautiful, friendly people the Ecuadorians are and how welcoming they have been to the North Americans. At the end of the tour, I was definitely in awe of what I had seen and heard and what this Ecuadorian nation has achieved, especially in the last few years.  The tour was everything you said it would be and then some.  Congratulations !!To each of you:  thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you !!!


Robyn Shelby


I highly recommend this tour for anyone who might be considering relocation to Ecuador.  There is no other way to learn so much about the culture, geography and language of Ecuador in so little time.  You will meet dozens of expats who are willing to help you in any possible way; and you’ll make life long friends. 


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