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We have tried to answer most of the obvious questions you might have.  However, if you still have questions or concerns that we have not addressed, don't hesitate to drop us a line using the 'CONTACT US' page message box or you can send an email directly to  We look forward to hearing from you!


When should I arrive? 


Each of our 'Crash Course' tours begin in Quito after breakfast at 9AM in the conference room of our tour hotel.  Your hotel stay the night PRIOR to the tour start day is INCLUDED in the price of the tour. We do recommend arrival at least a good day before the tour starts to allow for a bit of acclimatization and we will be happy to make any additional hotel reservations for you.


What airport do I need to fly into and which airline should I use?


You should book your flight to Quito, whose airport code is UIO.  Many carriers have daily flights to Quito from numerous major cities in the US and Canda, including American Airlines, Delta, United. LAN, COPA, JetBlue and TAME. We provide pick up and transport to the hotel for our Crash Course participants at no extra cost.


What kind of travel documents will I need and how long can I stay in Ecuador?


You will need a current passport valid for at least 6 months after your arrival in Ecuador.  A VISA is not required.  Your passport will be stamped with a tourist VISA as you pass through immigration which is good for 90 days.


How do I pay for the tour or services?


To confirm your spot on one of our tours, you will need to make a down payment of 50%, which can be via a bank transfer or via Paypal.  The remainder can be paid on the first day of the tour.




To confirm your spot, we need at least

a 50% deposit 2 months before the excursion



3 weeks before the excursion





2 weeks or less before the excursion




*Deposit is refundable

 -25% for administration fees




*Deposit is refundable                              -50% for administration fees



**No refund- by this point flights and hotels have been paid


What is the policy in case I need to cancel or postpone my participation in the tour?



















*In the case you cancel (before 3 weeks), but do plan on joining us on a future excursion, we’ll credit you the full value of your deposit (valid for 1 year).


**In the case you cancel (2 weeks or less), but do plan on joining us on a future excursion, we’ll credit you 50% of your deposit (valid for 1 year).


What kind of hotels will we stay in for the Crash Course Tour? 


As we attempt to keep costs accessible and show you the “real Ecuador” we do not stay in international chains or in fancy hotels.  The places we stay are clean, comfortable, often family owned and with a local feel.   Private bathrooms and hot water are guaranteed at all hotels.  


What is the electrical current and will I need an adaptor?


The electrical current is 110 (the same as US and Canada.)


Are there any shots I need to take in order to travel to Ecuador?


There are no immunizations required to visit Ecuador.  Some visitors choose to visit a travel clinic and receive immunizations and some do not….we leave it up to you and your doctor to decide.


Should I purchase short term travel insurance for my visit?


Yes, we strongly recommend that you have health insurance in the event of any accidents or illnesses during the trip.  As a convenience to you, we offer a very affordable health/accident traveler's insurance plan.




How much money should I bring for a tour and how do I access cash in Ecuador?


Since the tour includes your lodging, transport and most expenses, you do not need to bring a large amount of cash with you.   ATM machines are easily available, but credit cards are only accepted in the larger cities.  Any cash you bring should be in small denominations…up to $20, as larger bills are rarely accepted.  Travelers Checks are generally not accepted in Ecuador and can be extremely hard to cash. 

What type of clothing will I need in Ecuador?


It is best to travel light and prepare to wear layers.  It can be cool at night and quite hot at mid day. Afternoon showers are the norm for most of the year.  Dress comfortably and conservatively.  Shorts are not commonly worn in the mountains, but are fine on the coast.

What else should I pack for my trip?


You will receive a detailed list of items you will need to bring once we book you for the tour.



Will I be able to use my cell phone in Ecuador?


Check with your cell phone provider.   If you are able to unblock the signal, you can buy a phone chip when you are here in Ecuador.  

Will I have Internet Service during the tours? 


The Hotels and Hostals where we stay do have wireless, signals, though in Ecuador interruptions in service are common.  Internet cafes can be found at each of our stops.

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